Renting Cheaper Than Buying, When It Comes to Babies

rent baby clothesYou know when someone has an idea that's so intuitive you wonder why no one ever did it before? That's what happened with Plum, the 'Netflix for baby clothes' company, that wants to rent awesome baby threads to you and your tiny ones. Brilliant!

Babies are expensive. Especially when you want to dress them, carry them in a sling, push them around on wheels ... As someone who has been the giver and beneficiary of baby hand-me-downs, I can honestly say there's nothing better than free, gently used baby clothes. That cliche about babies growing so fast? It's 100 percent true, and we passed down baby clothes that had NEVER been worn, because our baby outgrew that onesie before she could poop in it.

While I don't really mind keeping bags of hand-me-downs in the closet for friends, I can see how shipping clothes out the same day I'm finished with them would appeal to my inner OCD person. Now, if only Plum did this with other things ...


Plum features fab brands such as Petit Bateau, Egg Baby, and Tea Collection. After the clothes are laundered in 7th Generation, you get your shipment. If you only want two outfits a month, it's $16, four outfits a month is $29, seven for $49. Much less expensive than purchasing organic duds at full cost. And no, you won't get spit-up stained used clothes. Anything that's been beaten into submission will be taken out of rotation.

So I'm hoping companies like Bugaboo will get in on this action. I would have loved to have rented a Bee for six months or so, for a fraction of the cost. Same goes for a high-end crib. Ergo rental? Yes, please.

Are you listening mom-preneurs? Get on this million-dollar idea, and start saving moms money who crave the style, but lack the bank account.

Would you rent baby clothes?

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