'Funny' Baby T-Shirts Are Actually Disturbing


We're big fans of hand-me-downs around here, not to mention consignment shops. But while I'm happy to put my kid in something another kid has worn (and loved), I'm not such a fan of some of the t-shirts we've gotten. I hate to sound ungrateful, but there's something deeply disturbing to me about some of the messages we send with these t-shirts.

Hey, I'm all for funny tees, and I'm not worried about people making my kid a target because of my sense of humor (or social justice) -- not with helicoptery me hanging around. It's the tees that aren't funny that bug me. I hate to be a killjoy, but I fail to see the humor in ....

Calling my daughter a "dizzy chick." Yeah, I get that it's ironic and self-referential and perhaps stands in opposition to traditional gender stereotypes by mocking them, but you know what? Too soon. And this was a heartbreaker, because it was a VERY cute little dress with a hood that I really, really wanted from a consignment shop! But I didn't buy it!

Making my daughter a self-centered brat. I guess there's something empowering about telling a girl to put herself first, sure. But there's something so off-putting about the whole "Baby Diva" thing! No, kiddo, it's not all about you, nor is it all about me, or your dad, or your baby sister, or anyone else.

All About Moi

Emasculating dad via a t-shirt. Faithful readers already know how much I hate Everybody Loves Raymond and other shows of that ilk for treating dads like oafish idiots. I hate it because it's not true, but if a guy is lazy or a wife is bitchy, the media representation gives them free reign to go on with their awful selves. This whole "second in command (after mommy that is!)" is (a) not true, (b) stupid, (c) really pathetic if that's the only place we women are first in command, so let's just drop the whole stinkin' issue.

Dad's Little Lieutenant

Needing to declare that someone loves daddy. What the ... really? Are we that insecure that we need dozens of kids' t-shirts declaring their love for us? I just find these to be silly, fussy, and trying too hard.

I Love Daddy

Calling my kid an angel. This is me being super-superstitious, but I was about to click "buy" on some really handy cotton zip-up jammies for Abby when I noticed they said "Angel" on them. And (again, this is me, and this is how paranoid I am) I freaked out because angels are dead people, and I am terrified of SIDS, and I couldn't zip her into them without being terrified. I know. I KNOW.


For the record, there are funny, cute baby clothes I love! For instance, I am a huge fan of bad puns (like these "I Whaley Love You" jammies at Target) and clothes that direct me to do things I want to do anyway, like Abby's "I Love Hugs" pajamas. (When I put them on her, I say, "It says here that you love hugs. Is that true?" And then I test the theory. Dork!)

All I'm saying is: sometimes I look twice at what I'm putting on my kid and go ... what am I putting on my kid?

What baby t-shirt makes you go "eeeyuw"?

Images via Amy K, Gap Kids, Old NavyCarters, Gerber Children's WearTarget

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Agent... Agentmomyyc

"All mommy wanted was a back rub"


Jamie Metzger-Maxaner

I  have a fav my son used to wear well two, onw was, my baby can kick ur babys ass and the other was only cry when ugly people hold me:) LOL i think they are funny and to get so bent outta shap means you have no life , just dont buy them idiot!

Retro... RetroFabuloso

There are T-shirts for babies declaring their fathers to be dicks, or just sperm doners. Some even said the F and C word. They are faaarrr worse than these T-shirts. It makes me cringe when I see babies/toddlers in sloganed clothes. They should be cute and frilly and dresses like babies, not teenagers.

Steph... StephenieBryant

I think you're overreacting... Like, a LOT.

nonmember avatar Shay

I like the 'I love daddy' shirts or 'Mommy's little rock star.' We are not insecure, they are just cute!

july2... july2010mom

I'm not offended by any of these... I don't see what the big deal is! I agree - there are far worse ones out there than these!

Laura Cash Hawker

I will put my baby in what I want to put her in and if it offends you to see her wearing a I love Daddy t-shirt or my fav "My little Black Dress" shirt printed on a black onseie, well look the other way!!!

nonmember avatar Cari

I think these clothes were very cute!!! I put my kids in stuff like this all the time, and really kids this little can't even read and really don't care what they are wearing, it's more for the adults. And honestly how are some of these any different from us telling our children how gorgeous or handsome, silly or smart they are? Aren't they getting the same ideas from what we say to what's on these shirts? This is just silly (:

miche... micheledo

It's kind of nice to see someone else is as strange as me! :D  We don't let our daughter wear Princess/I'm a Princess things for the same reason.  She is NOT a princess/diva/spoiled brat.  We wouldn't want her walking around with an attitude of entightlement or of a spoiled brat - why wear a shirt that says just that? 

My son was given a shirt that said, "Give me a cookie, and no one gets hurt."  Yeah, it was cute/funny, but there is NO way we would allow that kind of behavior in our son, so why say it on the shirt?

I know.  I'm crazy.  But that's how my husband and I feel.  So like you, we pay attention to the words on the outfits.  Glad to know there are at least three of us crazies in this world.  :)

Mocha... MochaCocoaBean

Maybe it's just me, but I could do without the "If Mom says  no...Ask Grandma!" and "Going to Grandma's House" shirts. Ditto for the "I Love Mommy" shirts. I get it. Baby loves mommy and grandma and daddy, but why on a shirt or onesie? Then again, my hormones have made me replused by anything that smacks of sentimentality. I cannot stand walking into Hallmark and picking out a card right now...all the sappy sayings just annoy me.

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