Levi Johnston Wanted a Boy for All the Wrong Reasons

Bristol Palin makes many claims against Levi Johnston in her book Not Afraid of Life: My Journey So Far, which comes out on Friday. But one of the saddest came at the moment she told Johnston she was pregnant. "It better be a boy," he told her, and it's one part of her book I have no doubt is probably true.

The fact is, many, many men prefer boys. Whether it's because they're more comfortable with them or they simply aren't evolved enough to realize girls can do anything boys can do is unclear. What is clear is that men -- and some women -- prefer boys.

Most of these reasons hinge on stereotypes. These include:

  • "Girls are all drama," for instance. Well, I can say, as a parent of both, both of my children are equal drama.
  • "Boys whine less," they also say. Well, I call BS on this one. My son whines way, way more than my daughter.
  • "Boys play sports." Hey bucko! Girls play sports, too, now what with it being 2011 and all that. They play them well and they play them hard and they need dads (and moms) to coach and guide and practice with them. Get with the program, dudes!
  • "Boys need less." If you think this, then you're probably not cut out to parent either sex. Both boys and girls need an equal amount of kissing and hugs and love and encouragement. If you can't see that, you have issues.

Personally I have my own bias. I love having a daughter and a son, but I have no shame in saying that if we did go for a third, I would like it to be another girl. Not because of some massive stereotype, but because I enjoy having a child of the same sex. It makes me feel slightly more comfortable from the get-go.

That said, I will take the kid I get and be happy. Preferring a boy is a bit outdated. While we're allowed to have slight gender preferences, that insistence on a boy to avoid certain stereotypes is the mark of someone who isn't ready to parent any child, girl or boy.

You get the kid you get, and if that's a boy who loves pink or a girl who loves baseball, you deal and you love them. You don't get to pick. 

Did you have a gender preference?


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