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5 Summer-Friendly Baby Carriers That Aren't Too Sweaty

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baby carriers for summerIt's getting hot out there y'all. The first day of summer is not kidding, and for those of us who carry babies around, we need to keep ourselves and our tiny ones cool as well. But let's face it, sometimes baby wearing can be sweaty business, so it's time to look at some alternatives when you don't want to walk around with a soaking wet baby ruining the front of your blouse. 

Never fear! We've ferreted out the coolest in baby carriers that will take you to the park, to the pool, and to many a backyard BBQ. So strap 'em in!

Maya Wrap

Be sure you get a lightly padded and light material when you pick out your Maya Wrap ($67.46) for the summer. Then you and your baby can Farmers' Market in style, without the sweat.

baby carriers for summerBabyBjorn Air

The only carrier my husband would ever use, you need to switch to the breathable Air version ($79.99) of the classic Swedish carrier in the summer.

baby carriers for summerGypsy Mama Water Wrap

When you're headed straight to the beach, wrap up your baby in the Gypsy Mama Water Wrap ($57) that wicks sweat and water away from your baby. So dive into the water, and let your baby get a taste of the ocean. Once you're out, it dries quickly while offering UV protection.

baby carriers for summerCalin Bleau Cool Gauze Baby Wrap

If you love the Moby wrap, but sweat like a hog when your baby is all up on you, try the Calin Bleau Cool Gauze wrap ($55) instead. Just saying the name will chill you out.

baby carriers for summerPeekaru

No matter what carrier you pick out, don't forget to protect your baby from the sun's rays. The Peekaru cover ($44.95) blocks out 95 percent of the harmful UVA and UVB rays, while keeping your babe nice and cool.

Do you wear your baby all summer, no matter how hot?

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allie... alliesmom112

When dd was a baby I wore her all the time!! It was super convienent for me

Heather Langley Smith

I do baby wear no matter how hot it is. I have a solarveil ring sling that is perfect for summer outings.

Momma... MommaSiete

That last one looks not so fun for baby! LOL. I love carriers, esp. the maya!!

elija... elijahsmama09

I love carriers, and I want one for our next baby.

GlowW... GlowWorm889

I'm not into baby wearing. I couldn't find a wrap/sling/Snugli that would fit well and make me feel comfortable enough to put the baby in. I always felt as though they'd fall out. The only one I felt good with was a backpack carrier, which is kind of hell on your back. I always felt bad. They look so cool!

Rose Martinez

I get so sweaty in my maya wrap but I think it's the humidity here.  You get sweaty just stepping outside and if I wear my DS I get soaked and so does he so we have to do the stroller until it's cool again :(

nonmember avatar steph

We use the Maya and its amazing. We spent 6 hours walking around outdoors and me and the babe were fine. We drank plenty of water of course because the heat index was 105 that day!

Leele... Leelee1008

I have a carryer I dont use it but sometimes DD just wants me to hold her, so I might have to use it

Chari... Charizma77

I never had a summer baby before. This one is due in January so I guess I could be wearing baby next summer!

foxyb... foxyboxer12182

We love our babyhawks all year long

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