President Obama Reveals His Baby Secret (VIDEO)


President Obama babySomehow, being a mother is supposed to prepare you for every crying baby that comes along, but it doesn't always. Sometimes babies cry, and whatever you do ... nothing works. Poor First Lady Michelle Obama faced one of those crying babies this week on the White House lawn, and you'll never guess who came to the mother of two's rescue.

President Obama himself. The father of two showed off his baby wrangling skills with the simplest of baby soothing secrets. Take a look at the video:

Oh, bouncing. She'd have gotten around to that one, I'm sure she would have! There are just so many tricks to try with a baby, aren't there? With my daughter, patting her on the behind seemed to work best, so I always start there. If that doesn't work, they get nestled into my chest, then flipped around to face the outside world. A few weeks ago, I learned my friend's son responded when I did squats with him in my arms; he was giggling in no time.

I'll admit, the president's smug look cracked me up a bit. Of all the interviews I've seen with him over the years, he's been one of those dads who has ALWAYS given immense credit to his wife for being a fantastic mom to daughters Sasha and Malia. But the ease he showed in soothing this baby proves the president knows his way around a nursery too.

What's your old standby to get a baby to stop crying (after you've checked that they're not hungry, the diaper's dry, etc., of course)?


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Mooki... MookiesMom739

The smug I have seen that a few times... It is nice that our President is so comfortable with babies.  He looks like a natural.

mama_... mama_em_c

This cracked me up. It's a nice reminder that he is a family man as well as a politician 

Katie Hesney Johnson

i'm not a fan of the president, but i have to admit, this made me smile. seems to be a very down to earth guy.

Momma... MommaSiete

Too funny - not a fan either but I did smile lol.
I do the same, patting the bum is where I start, or just walking and bouncing with him. 

GlowW... GlowWorm889

Aww, that was adorable. I find swaying and bouncing while patting on the back to be a good one. :)

elija... elijahsmama09

That is sweet:) Its nice when guys know their way around a baby. My trick is all that, but also bicycle teh legs if abby is crabby, works everytime:)

nonmember avatar Sara

That screenshot says it all! I love how the 2 of them interact- so down to earth!
I'm a HORRIBLE baby-soother. Luckily my own was not a fussy kid. If they're crying, I hand 'em right back to the parent. I just don't have that gene.

Madel... Madelaine

Nice to see him as a family man too

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