Moms Need to be More Like Dads

The best thing to happen to parenthood recently is a brutally honest book written by a dad who is so sleep deprived and ready for downtime with his wife that he just wants his kid to Go the F@#k to Sleep. Novelist and dad Adam Mansbach wrote the book, which has been well-received and sought after and has left many parents feeling like they could have written it, too.

But could they? Could a mom really write a book like this? Writer Amy Sohn asks this question at Babble and comes to the conclusion that no, the world would not allow a mother to write this book. And she is right.

We moms are expected to be perfect at all times. We are never to say how hard it is lest we get harshly judged with gems like: Well you shouldn't have opened your legs if you thought parenthood was going to be easy. Thanks, ladies! Always so helpful!


The fact is, we moms are expected to do it all ourselves and smile while doing it. It can be exhausting and hard and emotionally gut wrenching, but god forbid we say or admit that (or curse!). Still, there are many of us moms who don't buy it and who insist on telling the truth even when it is hard, so here are some truths that don't mean I don't adore my children:

I need time alone: I know, what a shocker! But seriously, I don't always want to go to the store towing little ones. And I very much enjoy my quiet yoga class sans the pitter patter of little kid feet. Being alone makes me happier and makes the loud and chaotic moments with the kids easier to take.

I yell: I don't want to and I can usually avoid cursing, but sometimes the kids tick me off and I get mad and I yell. I am sorry when I scare them, but I also kind of let it roll. I am not perfect. They know this. And I usually apologize.

They drive me batty: I enjoy the ease that comes when they are not around. My husband and I take weekends away and it is such a blessing to not have anyone to strap in the car or any voices from the back asking if we are there yet. We are just relaxed and able to talk.

I love bedtime: My favorite moments with my kids are going into their room when they are fast asleep and seeing how quiet and angelic they can be. So, yes. I prefer them to be asleep.

So could a mom write this book? Hell yes. I think we can all agree, if we are being honest, that we feel these things form time to time. That said, would a mom write this book and would it be accepted? I am going with no. We can't let moms be free yet. And that's a shame.

Do you ever think these things?


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