Natalie Portman Now Knows New Moms Need Help

natalie portmanNatalie Portman may not be able to decide on her son's name (well, at least she hasn't announced his name yet), but she's certain about one thing: New moms need help. Lots of help. And not just with diaper changes and feedings, but with small business loans and financial support.

Natalie is endorsing the Foundation for International Community Assistance's (FINCA) 'Lend a Hand' campaign that provides small loans to new mothers. The goal is to teach fiscal responsibility to novice moms and to help curb poverty among the vulnerable demographic worldwide.

All mothers need our support and it's wonderful that new-parent Natalie is trying to help. It's about time moms are put first!


Natalie will never know what it's like to not be able to afford to feed her baby, or send her child to school, or provide the basics for herself and her family, but she knows how big a struggle it can be for poor mothers around the world.

We need to help new moms as much as we can. Some babies aren't given the start to life that they deserve, and I think programs like 'Lend a Hand' are crucial to, for lack of a better phrase, the circle of life. Helping new moms with the smallest of loans can turn the family around. Mom gets work selling clothes or food or whatnot using the loan to fund her business, mom brings in money, mom can provide basics for a happy, healthy baby.

I hope Natalie's star power and the fact that she's a new mother will draw due attention to this cause. Helping new moms become self-sustaining is one of the most worthy causes I've read about in a while, and Natalie is just the person for the job. (Angelina would be good, too. Just saying, she has a million kids from a million different countries.)

If every new mom could get a loan, a hand, and maybe a nap, the world would be a better place.

What do you think new moms need most?

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Natalie's ad for 'Lend a Hand':

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