Baby Locked in Daycare Is a Forgivable Mistake

baby daycareOrdinarily, my immediate reaction to a story about a baby accidentally locked in a daycare center after closing would be something along the lines of "Now there's a daycare I wouldn't want to send my kid." So it feels strange to admit this, but I actually feel sorry for the Georgia daycare owner who -- you guessed it -- accidentally locked a baby in her center and went home for the night. First of all, nothing bad happened to the kid, but Sue Pierce, the daycare owner (a kindly-looking older woman who calls her charges her "grandchildren") is genuinely heartbroken over her mistake. Even the baby's mom isn't angry, and I know why: She gets that taking care of little kids is so exhausting, no matter how much you love them, that occasional blunders (big and small) are unavoidable.


Don't get me wrong; earlier today I wrote about how I think the most appropriate punishment for the parents whose baby got his fingers gnawed off by the family ferret when they left him home alone would be for them to likewise have their fingers chomped off by vicious little weasels. But Sue Pierce didn't intentionally leave 8-month-old Miciah Rogers behind (and certainly not in the company of an animal with a history of biting). And I truly believe that having a caregiver who really loves your child is THE most important thing, so I understand why Miciah's mom will continue to send her to Pierce's daycare. I highly doubt Pierce will make the same mistake twice!

I will allow that I probably would feel differently if the baby had gotten hurt in some way, or even if she woke up, realized she'd been abandoned, and cried hysterically for the next 30 minutes (by then, Miciah's mom had arrived to pick her up, saw that she was sleeping alone inside and the doors were locked, and called the cops). But ... no harm, no foul. 

How would you react if your baby got locked inside her daycare center accidentally?

Image via Nick Nichols/Flickr

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