New Mom Pink Knows How to Be a Happy Mommy

There is no change in life bigger than the transition from non-parent to parent. Every pregnant woman thinks she has it all figured out and knows what motherhood will be. And then they have the baby. Singer Pink gave birth to her daughter Willow recently and has proven that her sense of humor is still very much intact.

Pink, 31, tweeted: "My life was once whiskey, tears, and cigarettes ... now it’s snot, tears, and the colour of poop. #bliss"

Truer words have never been spoken! When I went from mom-to-be to mommy, I went from young, happy wife to stressed out, chart keeping, poop tracking mom overnight and my husband did the same. If we couldn't laugh about it, we would have cried.


In fact, laughter is probably the best way to get through those early, sleep-deprived nights and days. If you can't laugh about the poop blow-outs and the frizzy hair and the sore boobs and the exhaustion, then you will likely just stress out and cry.

Those first few weeks are hilariously insane. Your whole life gets upended and you have to just roll with it. Luckily, Pink WILL be able to be that wild girl again. Maybe not with the same gusto, but I've found you get a little bit of your old self back as the kids get older.

Even so, that sense of humor is still a key part to getting through motherhood. My worst moments in parenthood come when I forget to laugh at how ridiculous it all is. This morning I battled with my toddler for 15 minutes over bringing his fireman boots to the park. He had shorts on, darn it! It looked weird!

Well, you know what? It was cute and funny, and I wasted 15 minutes of my life in that fight. It's life with kids and it's hilarious. Pink will make a great mom because she already sees that. Go Pink!

Do you laugh at the hard moments?

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