Baby Mamas vs. Motrin: Baby Mamas Win!

By now you've probably heard about Motrin's online ad that many moms took offense to—it was about how wearing your baby in a sling can cause aches and pains (see my post on slings later today to see why Motrin may have had a point).


Baby Mamas on CafeMom and everywhere else were abuzz about Motrin's ad. Lots of them (lots and lots) were offended by the ad's tone and phrasing, as well as the suggestion that moms wear their babies to look fashionable and that moms look crazy. By the time I heard about the ad on Sunday (I read about it in a Motrin and babywearing journal post by momioftwinz), it had been taken off the Motrin site, but I was still able to check it out on YouTube.

If you go to the Motrin site now, there's an apology on the homepage saying that the company plans to remove the ad from all forms of media. I was really impressed with the speed at which the company removed the ad and with its public apology, but I talked to momioftwinz to see what she thought.

Cafe Suzanne: How did you find out about the ad?

momioftwinz: I found out about the ad from another mom's blog emilyjj75. Her blog, Adventures in Crunchy Parenting, is a blog I read as often as I can.

Cafe Suzanne: What offended you about it?

momioftwinz: The entire tone of the ad was condescending. Acting like Babywearing (BW) is a fad when it has been done for centuries. I think the "official mom" part and the "What about me?" part is what offended moms the most. BW is a wonderful act that should be practiced.

Cafe Suzanne: Have you seen Motrin's apology?

momioftwinz: Yes. I had hoped they would at least think about this in the future. Maybe have a more diverse focus group. Out of the almost 100 people I had comment on my journal, most were offended.

Cafe Suzanne: How do you feel about Motrin now—will you forgive and forget?

momiooftwinz: I fear that moms who were thinking about BW have possibly been influenced by the ad and will choose not to wear their baby. As far as forgiveness, I don't feel it is mine to grant. They have realized that maybe it was not the best idea and are attempting to correct it.

Cafe Suzanne: What do you think about the fact that a group of Mamas could get together on an issue and get a big company like that to take such fast action?

momiooftwinz: Well, it wasn't just us but moms everywhere. Twitter, CM, MySpace. You name it, people were behind it. This also spanned several generations. Both my mom and my grandma (who are about as mainstream as you can get) were offended by this ad. I proudly consider myself anti-mainstream but was surprised that so many of us, who are usually at odds, were able to band together and show the world that we will not stand for cliches and injustices just because we are moms who choose to do what we feel is best.

How about you? Now that you've seen it, did Motrin's ad offend you? What do you think of the company after it apology? Will you forgive and forget?

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