How to Protect Your Stroller From Bandits (VIDEO)

stroller bandits
So that's where they all wind up.
Raise your hand if you use your stroller as a storage system while shopping. I know when I lived in a walking city, my stroller was practically a station wagon where I stashed groceries, Old Navy sale items and oh, right, the baby. But just like you wouldn't leave the trunk of your car wide open while you were shopping elsewhere, you probably shouldn't leave your stroller exposed for thieves to take advantage of the goodies inside. (Again, there's a BABY in there, people!)

After a rash of crimes committed by "stroller bandits" in Los Angeles, the police released this video of two women in action. Watch as they surround, distract, and ultimately rob this family blind.


Smooth moves, thieves. This is where a little patience pays off. Apparently these pros have been wreaking havoc around downtown Los Angeles, as the police say there have been a rash of stroller burglaries in the area.

If you find yourself in a situation where you fear for your stroller's security, follow these rules to protect yourself from a robbery:


Okay, that was just one rule. But really, the most important, wouldn't you say? I mean, it may just be lucky that a wallet was the only thing this tag team of criminals was searching for. Any of us who have used a stroller know that at times you can step away for a second to grab something you need. But if this mom had only stepped away for a few seconds, she'd still have her wallet.

I know it's horrible, and nothing makes it right that these people take advantage of moms loaded down with baby gear and the like. But protecting your baby, and her surroundings, should be the first thing on your mind. Not what kind of deal you can get on bracelets at the swap meet.

Have you ever been ripped off while loaded down with your baby?

Image via kevinpoh/Flickr

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