Be Honest: Your Baby Doesn’t Care About the Playdate


I remember Kiddo's first playdate. She was maybe a month old, and my friend came over with her 3-month-old. We chatted, discussed sleeping schedules, breastfeeding hints and tips, gear that we loved. Yup, we had a great time ... as both Kiddo and her new buddy slept. The gathering was much more about the two moms, about us getting some much-needed adult face time, some great mommy-to-mommy hang time.

So, was this really Kiddo's playdate ... or mine? And can we even call it a playdate, because, well, really, no one exactly played.

Don't get me wrong, I am all for moms -- especially new moms -- getting together. I think it's healthy and good for that new mama soul to be around fellow moms and share what is going on, recharge knowing you aren't the only one that goes crazy when the Pinky Dinky Doo soundtrack comes on, or trade hints on hiding drool stains.

But, when the kids are newborns, the word playdate doesn't really work. When they get a bit older, the infants do kind of play -- or at least stare at each other. But these first few gatherings, nope, no playing. So, I think we should come up with a new name for them. Mommy meetings sounds too formal, mama klatch is too hard to say, mommy/baby brouhaha is, well, just odd.

It's tough when you are a new mom to fit this time in -- nap schedules, feeding times, other siblings' classes, or school get in the way. But you need to ... it's a great thing to do for your mental health. And really, it doesn't matter what we call it.

When was your baby's first playdate?


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kjbug... kjbugsmom1517

My oldest was close to 3 before we had an official playdate lol. I thought (and still think) they were/are silly. My youngest is about to be 3 and she's had several "I'm gonna play here while u play over there dates." Sure its great and all if they play together. But truth of it is, kids don't even play together till they r at least 3... I also think a lot of the baby and me stuff is silly. I can read,swim, tumble, etc with my baby at home.

hfaddis hfaddis

we still haven't had a playdate with our boys, no friends near me that have children anywhere near my boys ages

ceciliam ceciliam

No playdates yet, unless you count when the cousins get together:)

momka... momkaribg

No playdates here except for family gatherings and daycare.

jingl... jinglebells8677

I loved my son was maybe a month old. And it wasnt about him playing or interacting with other kids it was about me getting out and being with ppl who could talk back and i knew what they where saying. So no i guess it wasnt a playdate it was girl time. It was what every mom weather they are a new mom or a mom with 2 or 3 or more kids needs. We need to be around adults who we can share our thougts and feeling with about the everyday life stuff. We need women to talk to not just our husbands. So the first playdate might not be for the kids but us moms need mommy playdates too

jingl... jinglebells8677

KJbugsmom.....playdates are about kids learning to interact with other kids, it about learning to share and have fun with ppl outside of the family. Mommy and me classes (which i have never gone to) are about moms and kid interacting with other moms and kids. It healthy for everyone. Humans need interaction with other humans no matter what the age. My son had a friend when he was 6 months old and the other kid was 3 months old. I never called them play dates but the boys would lay on the floor together and "talk" to each other. As they go bigger they would play with toys, crawl and walk around the house together. It was before they where 3 and they played together. So you cant say kids dont play together before they are 3.

Momma... MommaSiete

Never really had one except seeing family.

Madel... Madelaine

I like playdates because it means moms can talk and relax.

Madel... Madelaine

It is a good way for kids to make friends as well.

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