How to Stop Baby Fever When You Have Enough Kids

baby fever
Two Is Enough
About a week ago, fueled by a few glasses of wine, it hit me: I want another baby. Never mind that two is more than I can handle. Never mind that we have worked hard to plan our work life, financial life, and mental health around only having two children. And really never mind that I HATED being pregnant. It just came on like a bad stomach virus, and hung on for about three days.

Luckily I kicked that case of baby fever, and you can too. 

Here's how:

  1. Step on the scale. Remember that baby weight you haven't lost will not magically disappear just because it hears another baby will be showing up to pack on more poundage.
  2. Take a peek into your child's bedroom. Now double the mess.
  3. Set your alarm for 2 a.m. Then 4 a.m. Then 6 a.m. Then get up and get breakfast together for your existing children. Repeat for one week.
  4. Pull out your family calender and write down every playdate, doctor's appointment, school event, birthday party, days that your pre-school/day care/other will be closed for a holiday. Now see how you can fit in another kiddo's schedule. Faint.
  5. Watch an old episode of Jon & Kate Plus 8.
  6. Call your best friend and have her remind you of your biggest complaints during pregnancy, childbirth, and postpartum. (Note, this doesn't work if your bff is rooting for you to multiply.)
  7. Sleep on the decision, and vow not to decide until the next round of the family cold in your house.

If all else fails, talk your husband into getting a vasectomy. Done and done.

Do you have the baby fever?

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