Anti-Circumcision Group Should Keep Their Hands Out of Our Diapers

anti circumcision group anti-SemiticAs a resident of California, I really dig the fact that many progressive movements begin here. Or at least are brought to a statewide vote here, before many other states even consider the issues. Hence, our auto emission standards and health warnings all over the place. However, the call for a circumcision ban that's been picking up steam across the state has some seriously shady leadership

The anti-circumcision movement is one I can get behind, in theory. To bring awareness to new parents that there is a choice to leave your baby boy intact is important. Our country has a history of automatically circumcising, and I don't really believe that is necessary. But -- and this is a big, old but -- you can believe what you want, but you'd better keep your hands out of other people's diapers. Especially when you choose the low road of anti-Semitism to make your point. Bad move, intactivists, bad move.


Publicizing the cause by releasing a comic called "Foreskin Man," where a blond superhero is shown fighting evil Jews, is repugnant and has no place in this discussion. Of course this discussion has already gone way too far when you try to get a ban passed where every family has to conform to your personal belief or risk a hefty fine or jail time. That's ridiculous.

Informing parents of the benefits of leaving your baby boy intact is admirable. Trying to force everyone to make that same choice -- regardless of their religious or cultural beliefs -- is egomaniacal at best, blatantly bigoted at worst. Male circumcision is not genital mutilation. Female circumcision, where the clitoris and labia are removed, is designed to kill female sexual desire. Male circumcision does nothing of the sort and is historically a covenant with god, and not about punishing male sexuality. In fact, I have yet to meet a circumcised male who has any complaints about sexual pleasure as a result. It is simply not the same thing, and those who feel a law should be passed banning it, regardless of religious and cultural requirements, are in the wrong. Those who paint Jewish people as evil as part of this campaign, are disgusting.

So while I may be a fan of leaving a baby's penis as it arrived, it's none of my business what others choose to do, in this particular instance. It's none of the anti-circ activists business either. Keep your genitals to yourself and everyone else should do the same.

Do you believe circumcision should be banned?


Image via Foreskin Man

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