Irresponsible Car Seat Company Fails at Promoting Safety (VIDEOS)

car seat babyA good portion of children and adults learn best by SEEING. And things we see regularly get ingrained into our brains as normal or right. In fact, what catches our attention most is things that don't look normal. So when advertising spots and TV shows constantly show misuse of car seats, it's worrisome. I've talked about it before, how the media shows incorrect car seat use when they shouldn't. And how seeing it the correct way helps people realize when something is wrong, so they know it needs to be fixed.

But man, it's pretty bad when a car seat company uses its own product wrong in its own advertising.


As the Car Seat Lady says, "The video is supposed to be funny. Evenflo, I'm not laughing one bit." First, we all know kids are supposed to be rear-facing until at least 2. In fact, this new seat of Evenflo's has a 40-pound weight limit and is rather tall, intended to help meet that goal with ease. It's illegal in all states, either by state law or because state law says you must adhere to manufacturer guidelines, to forward-face a baby under the age of 1 year and 20 pounds.

While it's kind of hard to tell if this baby's smashed his first cake, one thing is clear: He's certainly not 2. He is absolutely not old enough to forward-face, even by their own recommendations:

To make matters worse, the ad suggests that the notion of having someone a little more experienced with car seats do the installation is an insult to his manhood. Come on now. Promoting an ego issue as being more important than the safety of the baby? Kinda pathetic. They don't even use the top tether or make mention of it, which is incredibly important when installing a forward-facing seat.

Not to mention, that chest clip? Way too low. I had to pause to see that, but in this next video? Well, it doesn't take even a major advocate or tech to realize how wrong this baby is strapped in.

Not only is he obviously not very old at all (I REALLY don't think he's 1!), but the straps are INSANELY loose, the chest clip is low. No "magic" installation features matter one bit if the kid is strapped in so loosely and wrong.

I get that the videos are meant to be funny and just show that the car seat is easy to install. I get it. But what does it say to parents about the importance of safety when the car seat company itself doesn't even bother to use the seats correctly in its own advertisements? How do they expect people to take it seriously when it's obvious they don't?

Maybe next time, put a little less focus on a funny script and a little more focus on the actual safety aspect? Just as it takes two seconds to install your seat, apparently, you can take those two seconds to pull the straps tighter and move the chest clip up too. The time she spent counting the points on the harness took longer than it would have to fix the straps. It's measures like this that can actually help parents learn and keep kids safer in the car. Come on now!

Do you think it's irresponsible for a company to show its own product being used dangerously wrong?


Image via YouTube

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