New Britax Carrier Raises Questions (VIDEO)

One of the funniest memories I have from when Kiddo was born was my husband attempting to get her into the baby carrier -- straight from a Three Stooges comic bit, the straps were too short (I had last worn it), and he got his one shoulder caught in the seat part. He eventually became a pro at getting it on and getting her into it -- and it was his go-to means of transporting Kiddo when he took her out and about. She's now 4, so we've moved from baby carrier to stroller to scooter, but when I showed him the new baby carrier from Britax, he said, "Wow, that looks great!"

And it does look great -- it looks uber-supportive and comfy. Doesn't surprise me that Britax, a main player on the car seat and stroller scene, did a good job with this design. But would you buy it?


I'm digging the whole waist-band and shoulder padding -- they say it's engineered to distribute weight better. They call it their CarryLong System, as I guess we can carry our kiddos longer without getting achy, which would be nice. My husband thought the one-handed adjustment was a huge bonus. The little infant seat insert, to make sure the littlest ones are sitting properly, is a great idea -- we used rolled-up blankets to boost wee Kiddo back in the day.

Yeah, it looks fabu for Mom and Dad, but I have to put it out there: it's a crotch dangler. Loads of issues regarding these types of carriers that some say put pressure on your baby's spine and affect hip alignment. I know a lot of moms who only will use a sling to carry their babies or a carrier where the kiddo can sit cross-legged. Who knows, maybe Britax is working on one of those types to give parents some options? Mamas always enjoy a choice, you know ...

Okay, so here's the video. Sure, the voiceover lady is a tad creepy, but dang, it looks really comfy for Mama.

What do you think of the new Britax baby carrier?


Image via Britax

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