7 Non Toxic Baby Essentials Every Mom Should Have

There are so many reports about what baby gear not to buy, what baby things are dangerous for your newborn, what stroller has been recalled, or what products have hidden dangers -- it could make a new mom's head turn like the woman in The Exorcist. Why, with so many studies, there are products that still aren't safe out there is beyond me ... but I am here to tell you there are gobs of essential baby gear, ones you will use every day that are safe -- not only safe for our kiddos, but good for our environment too. It's like a double bonus score when you're buying the main gear for your baby.

Yeah, it boggles my mind why all companies aren't making their products safe and healthy for our kids and the earth. Alas, it's just what it is, I know, but check out these products that should be the norm, not the exception.


You don't have to be a panda to enjoy bamboo. Your baby will love this bowl, fork, and spoon set ($15) from Bambu -- perfect for when you hit the solids stage. Made from certified organic bamboo and adhering to IMO control standards, it's a natural alternative to plastic and is, of course, BPA- and phthalate-free.


When your baby cuddles, his whole body cuddles. All the more reason for him to snuggle up with something totally healthy. Enter this Monkey Cuddlie ($19.99) from Dandelion. It's made with bamboo visoce velour and filled with natural corn fiber -- which means no pesticides. Only certified fibers and renewable resources are hugging and holding Junior. It also comes as a lion or grab some of their hand puppets for some eco-friendly play fun. 


When your kiddo is teething, everything goes into his mouth. Offer him something that isn't bad for him to stick in there. These GreenerTeether teething rings ($7) from IocoMOMomma on Etsy are made from 100 percent organic cotton that adhere to the Global Organic Textile Standards. Which means it's totally cool to gnaw on, especially when you soak it in water and chill them.


Corn. It does the body (and the world) good! Pass it on! Don't pass on this infant bowl and spoon set ($6.99) from Dandelion, which is made from a corn bioplastic. That means it's free of everything -- BPA, phthalate, and PVC. You want more reason to buy this? Corn is a renewable and sustainable resource. Hel-lo, corn! Goodbye, plastic!


Every baby needs a rattle a safe rattle. I love Dentdelion's bamboo bunny rattle ($15) I spotted on Etsy. It's made from bamboo and organic cotton fleece and stuffed with PLA fiber from corn. Yeah, it ring-a-dings with little metal bells.


My kiddo loved her sorter. Spent hours playing with it as a baby. Alas, it was totally plastic ... oh, how I wish Dandelion's sorter ($34.99) had been around. Organic cotton fibers cover it, corn fibers fill it, and it's freakin' machine washable! Seriously a mother's dream toy, so it's no wonder it has won a few awards.


Make his rattle as personal as his sloppy drool with Little Sapling Toy's organic rattle etched with your choice of text ($21). Made from walnut, a non-splintering wood that is anti-bacterial, non-allergenic, and non-toxic. Found on Etsy, it's my new go-to baby shower gift because there's a bonus with this one -- each purchase helps them plant a tree via Trees for the Future.   

Do you buy eco-friendly baby products?


Image via Etsy

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