8 of the Dumbest Baby Products Ever

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zaky baby pillow

Remember when you registered for your first child? Well, I do and it was the most overwhelming thing ever. The aisles were never ending and there was just so much stuff to keep track of. I remember wondering how a seven-pound creature could possibly require so much crap. Three children later, I realize there is so little you actually need: A way to feed the baby, diapers, wipes, and some onesies. Everything else just falls into place. So, will someone please explain to me why these products exist?

1. Zaky Infant Pillow  (pictured above) "is designed to imitate the look and feel of a parent's hand and forearm. Babies are used to the warm comfort and protection of their mother's womb and the Zaky can help imitate that feeling as it provides similar support." OK, I get it, but I'd like to keep large, strange hands from fondling my infant. Maybe it's just me.

2. Baby High Heels. Why wait until toddlerhood to dress your child like a tramp?

3. Pee-Pee Teepee is meant to keep baby from sprinkling during his diaper-change. Makes a marginal amount of sense, but in order for it to work effectively, one needs to hold baby's legs in place. Which would be totally doable if we had three arms.

4. Speaking of three arms ... have you seen the Mother's Third Arm? Now you can feed your baby without actually participating at all! Maternal bonding is so overrated.

5. Baby Perfume. There is nothing sweeter than the smell of a newborn baby. I seriously could just sniff their little heads all day long. So, why on earth would you junk up that smell with perfume?

6. Wipes Warmers. Why stop there? How about toilet seat and toilet paper warmers? Puh-lease.

7. Diaper Pail. Get a trash can. Stick diapers in old grocery bags and tie them up. Toss in garbage can. Voila.

8. Sleep Positioners. These ridiculous things can only be used when the baby is a newborn and can't flip over. If he can't move anyway, why does he need to be positioned?

Did I leave any ridiculous baby items off the list?

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frysh... fryshannon34

I actually like that first one

Misty Lambou

My daughter screamed every time we changed her diaper. The wipes warmer took enough of the chill off the wetness that they didnt bother her anymore. That was well worth the $13 fornus.

Beths... Bethsunshine

I agree with the wipe warmer!! That was the stupidest waste of money!! I used mine for about a week and tossed it.

JessL... JessLogansMommy

I used a sleep positioner for my preemie.  He slept much better inclined because he was used to it from the NICU.   i just made sure I got one of the ones that was a solid piece and not the velcro that could suffocate him.  Also,  a diaper pail that takes regular bags is great because it does help keep the stink in.  

Madel... MadelynMc

I like the Diaper Genie. I use it with regular trash bags (screw $6 refills) but it still holds the smell in pretty well. I like that we only have to take out the diapers every other day or so.

081109 081109

I love my diaper genie, it's easier and I really notice a difference in the smell reduction. I got it when my son was already 15 months so I've had plenty of experience with the other method suggested and definitely think it's worth the $.

Troys... TroysMommy1220

I HATED the diaper genie. My mother INSISTED I needed it and bought it against my wishes so to please her I attempted to use it for the first couple of weeks...and I hated everything about it. It ended up sitting unused in the corner of the room.

The wipe warmer however was useful for me. My son was born 3.5 weeks early at only 5 pounds and he would SHRIEK every time we changed him. Someone suggested the wipe warmer and I got a pretty cheap one and he no longer howled every time we changed him.

Rose Martinez

I love my wipe warmer, the wipes actually do a better job when they're warm. Plus I do cloth and it keeps my cloth wipes ready for use. I think the over scented baby bath and lotion are horrible, they stink and my baby smells so good naturally why cover that up

Memph... MemphisSuzi

The zaky pillow was used with our soon in the NICU.  I can still hear the nurses "Be the Womb" , he should be in the womb so "be the womb".  The Zaky pillows were my hands when I wasnt there.

Most of the other stuff is ridiculous and a nice trap for new mommies.  :)


navyma23 navyma23

My girls loved the wipe warmer. And I enjoyed my friends' toliet seat warmer too, specially in the winter in Chicago!! 

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