Moms, Facebook Will Delete Your Baby Too

facebook deletes unborn baby profileI think it's time to come to the realization that Facebook simply does not like the babies. Whether they're eating or just hanging out, if there's a baby in that profile, it could get deleted. Unborn baby Marriah Greene found out the hard way (or rather, she didn't since she's still unborn) when Facebook deleted the profile that her mother had set up for her, with cute ultrasound pics and all.

Ellie Greene had set up her fetus' profile to be cute, but also to let friends and family know she was pregnant and how the pregnancy was progressing. And the profile was pretty popular with over 350 friend requests, some from strangers. (Now that's weird, isn't it?)

I'm sure the profile was super adorable and all, but unlike when Facebook took down breastfeeding mom profiles, I do think this deletion was warranted.


First of all, you must be 13 to have a profile on Facebook. Clearly Marriah has a long way to go before she hits that magical age of hormones and bat mitzvahs. Furthermore, you're not allowed to set up a Facebook profile for anyone other than yourself, so her mom broke the FB codes not once, but twice. It's a totally legit pull.

Facebook rules aside, ABC reported that Marriah's FB profile was getting the attention of trolls! "The Greenes also said that the vast majority of the comments were positive, outnumbering negative posts by about 40 to one." If someone said even one negative comment about my unborn baby, they'd get a kick to the crotch. But allowing it to hang out in cyberspace for, like, ever? Not cool.

Also, let's face it, no one really cares about everything that's going on inside your womb but you, and maybe your mother. Hopefully your partner, but if this is your first child, he or she is probably completely freaked out and would like to pretend that the stork will be arriving any day now. Sure Marriah had 350 "friends," but what would you do if you knew your friend/co-worker/cousin had a site for her unborn baby and would know if you completely ignored it? You'd put in a friend request and then be subjected to a report on every kick, swelled limb, and bloody show. No, thank you.

Do you think Facebook should have deleted Marriah's page?


Image via mbaylor/Flickr

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