Man Who Wants to Breastfeed Should Just Do the Dishes

man and babiesI wasn't quite sure how what to think when I read the recent article on written by a man who spent weeks trying to trick his body into producing breast milk. (Apparently Darwin said it was possible for men to breastfeed and there's some ambiguous biblical quote that sort of implies the same.) The wannabe nursing man's plan didn't work, so we'll never know whether or not he would have turned out to be the world's most helpful husband. But dads don't need to breastfeed to lend a hand (er, nipple)! They just need to do everything else.


Here's a secret, guys: It's not the breastfeeding itself that's a big deal. The tough part is trying to get other things done when there's a baby tethered to your boob 24/7. A few especially difficult everyday tasks to accomplish include loading/unloading the dishwasher, doing laundry, taking out the trash, cooking, cleaning the bathroom, making the bed, bathing, and brushing one's teeth. I'm not suggesting that fathers everywhere take it upon themselves to brush the teeth of the woman who brought their child into the world (though it would be a nice gesture), but all those other chores are up for grabs. Here's another tip: If you don't want to help clean the house, the least you can do is to not complain about it being dirty. Okay? Because that's really not fair.

If you boys really want to help feed your little, the best time to step up to the plate is in the middle of the night. Show some pity for that exhausted lump of woman in the bed next to you, and pick up a bottle (for the baby, not you). Believe me, you'll all be the happier for it in the morning.

Are you a nursing mom? How do you wish your partner would help you out?


Image via ocean_views/Flickr

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