Formula From a Coffee Machine Makes Life Easy (VIDEO)

baby formula from coffee machine
The BabyNes
Switzerland is already known for its premium chocolates, coffee, and bank accounts. But with the introduction of the BabyNes in the neutral zone, moms all over the bi-lingual country will be able to have a side of formula for the babies when they order up their lattes.

Nestle has introduced their single-serve formula pods and high-tech machine that mixes up a bottle for baby, at the correct temperature and volume, in one minute. Similar to the Nescafe pods -- in fact, exactly like the pods -- this machine is described as a "comprehensive nutrition system for babies." You can see how it works but you'll have to brush up on your French!



You can see it in action in this BabyNes video.

I can already hear the arguments against a fast, easy, and let's face it -- sexy -- machine that delivers formula. In fact, Baby Milk Action has already spoken out against the machine, and Nestle for its past actions as well. Marketing formula to new moms is always a hot button issue, but thinking back to the early days with my babies, I can see how the BabyNes would seriously come in handy.

As a mom who had a baby in the NICU, nursing got off to an incredibly rough start. After four months of pumping, doctors, nurses, and a particularly obnoxious La Leche League leader, I had to stop trying to breastfeed. Nothing was happening, and I felt like hell. Breastfeeding was something I just assumed I would do, and (wrongly assumed) it would come naturally. It didn't, and it sucked. Having to go all formula was a big drag. Both in the guilt I felt when pulling out a bottle in public, and in the preparation which was so much more annoying than popping out a boob.

I don't think the BabyNes would have alleviated the emotional strain of my attempt at nursing my baby, but having a super easy way to prep baby food, plus feeling kind of high-tech about the whole thing, might have made my breakdowns about bottle washing happen much less often.

On the flip side, seeing an ad for a BabyNes would not have made me want to stop nursing, like I'm sure some people would argue. Breastfeeding is a very personal, and emotional event. Flashy gear won't sway a mom one way or the other when it comes to considering what goes into her precious baby. If it does, there are bigger things to worry about in that mom/baby relationship than how the little one is getting her nutrition.

What do you think about the BabyNes?


Image via Nestle

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