Designer Diapers: Best Summer Bum Idea Ever

designer diapersWhen I had Kiddo, the only choice in diapers was cloth or disposable. If you chose disposable, you just tried a brand and, fingers crossed, if there wasn't leakage, that was that. Done. And you bought those diapers and then the next size of those diapers until potty training time. You kinda didn't have a choice as to what the diaper looked like, whether they had characters or clouds or whatnot on them. But, boy have we come a long way with diapers, baby!

The Diaper Powers That Be are giving moms some super cute options these days, some limited edition fashion diapers. They are so ridiculously adorable, you can just toss a cute top on Junior and you are done. You have so many to choose from ... but will you buy them?


Pampers decked out their basic diapers with flower and polka dots for girls, argyles and cars for boys.

designer diapers








Huggies has their denim diapers, diapers that look like little jeans.

denim diapersTarget carries another Pampers fashion line, this one featuring Cynthia Rowley's designs -- with cute florals and plaids.  

I would so buy these diapers if Kiddo was still wearing them. I would stock up. If nothing but to break up the monotony of the same diapers day after day. Plus, they are all just so dang cute. Imagine all of the fabu photo ops with Kiddo in these diapers. I'm sure I would be more excited about them than her, but, well, that's the way it is about a lot of things. 

My question is why are they limited edition? Since they can obviously make them, why can't we have cute fashion diapers all of the time? Keep switching it up, keep it seasonal. Perhaps ones with candy canes or snowflakes around Christmas? Some with ghosts or pumpkins during Halloween time?

Or maybe make team-themed diapers -- for the Cheesehead-in-training, some Green Bay Packers diapers or diapers with the Dallas Cowboys star all over them? The possibilities are endless!

Would you buy these designer diapers?


Image via Target, Pampers, Youtube

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