Crazy Calm Cat Is Baby's Best Friend (VIDEO)

cat videoEven if you're not a cat person, you'll love the cat in this video. While felines often get a bad rap for being aloof and just generally being non-dog-like, you can't find a more laid-back cat than this one who doubles as a baby's pacifier and play thing.

Throughout the whole video, I was a bit nervous and kept waiting for the cat to snap, claw, or at least get up and walk away. Watch what he does instead:


I love it! Or at least I do when I block out the thoughts of the baby choking on hairballs or getting some cat disease. Even when it looks like the cat has had it and has the baby's hand in his mouth, he doesn't snap. What a good kitty, though I think mom, dad, or whoever is filming might want to put down the camera and teach the baby to stop, because that's an awful lot to ask of a cat for long.

Pets and kids can be a tricky mix together. Sometimes cats and dogs just don't have the temperament to tolerate children, and some serious problems can ensue. I've known several families who have had to give away beloved pets when children came along because the two weren't safe together.

But when pets and children do get along, it's one of the most special relationships in the world. Pets teach children responsibility and provide unwavering love, companionship, and in the case of this cat, a big lesson in patience.

Do your pets and children get along well? Would your pet tolerate this?

Image via YouTube

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