Does Your Mom Think She's a Better Mom Than You?

grandma does it better
You look so tired, dear
So many "rules" have changed since our own mothers reared us that the parenting landscape can be downright unfamiliar to grandparents today. Your mom relied on Dr. Spock, and you lean more toward the Sears. Sure there are some things that might have been better back in the day (like the lack of supermom expectations), but mostly we're more informed about everything from circumcision to introducing solids. But that doesn't mean your mom, or MIL, approves.

Which may explain why wacky grandma Ericka Gallego went to visit her son's new baby daughter in Northern California, and decided to take her back home to Los Angeles. Or probably not. That grandma needs some help, y'all.

While your mom may not be the baby-napping type, if she does any of the following, she might just be judging your parenting skills, and you are not coming out on top.

  • You're a nursing mom exclusively, but when you look away, she's pulling a bottle out of her purse and shoving it in your baby's mouth.
  • Most common comments from grandma: "Oh, is that how they do it these days?"; "What a modern mom you are, dear."; and "Well, you turned out fine."
  • Forgets the car seat and instead asks a friend to sit in the backseat and hold onto the baby very tightly.
  • When she sleeps over, she wonders out loud (at 3 a.m.), "Do you think all that holding could be spoiling him?"
  • Constantly expresses concern over your back as you wear your baby. Then shows up on your door with a brand new stroller.

Does your mom think she did a better job than you?


Image via thelazydba/Flickr

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