What Your Diaper Bag Says About You

what is in your diaper bag As the old adage goes, what is in your purse says a lot about you. I fear if anyone ever looked in my purse. Case in point, the other day I found no less than 11 of Kiddo's traveling buddies. You know, the little toy/plastic dino/plastic bug that she takes with her as we ride the subway but then hands off to me once we arrive at preschool. I drop it in my bag. Yes, 11 were discovered the other day, along with a screwdriver, a wedding RSVP that was due back three weeks ago, and three bottles of Purell.

The Purell is nothing new. Back when we carried a diaper bag for Kiddo, I had three bottles of Purell, two packs of antibacterial wipes, at least three diapers, wipes, two changes of clothes, three back-up binkis ... and that was just to go across the street to the grocery store. What did I always forget? A camera. Yup, what you carry in your diaper bag tells a lot about you and the type of mom you are ... let's have a little fun, shall we?


Cloth diapers, all natural lotions and sunscreen, class schedule for the local yoga studio -- You're so crunchy you outrank Captain Crunch ... not that there is anything wrong with that. Nope. You're raising your baby to be all natural and kind to the earth, so much so your combined carbon footprint is a negative 53 tons.

Diapers, change of clothes, plenty of toys ... it's all there, but you can't find it -- Organized chaos is still, well, chaotic. You're the mom who will always come through, is dependable, funny, but it may take you a bit longer because you can't find the keys to the car (pssst, they are in the fridge).

It's not what's in your bag, it's the bag itself -- Designer diaper bags worth more than many people's cars, the "It" diaper bag for celebrities, you've seen them. What else may be stashed in there? Does it really matter? The bag costs more than your car. Yeah, we're judging ... and a little jealous.

A Flip camera, your iPhone camera, the digital one-shot camera, and your baby journal -- You are determined to document every moment of your kiddo's life ... and you're that annoying Facebook friend that has 253 photo albums.

Exactly one diaper, one wipe, and one sippy cup all in a small sleek bag -- You are minimal, zen ... and a little crazy.

You don't have a diaper bag -- You are braver than I am and crazier than the zen mom. And yes, you can borrow a diaper when your kid has a poop blowout in the sandbox. Because I have three extra (see the next type of mom).

You have three diapers, a whole box of wipes, two change of outfits for a quick run to the store -- You want to be prepared, which is great, but using a wheeled carry-on to trek everything you think you need is a bit much. You're crazier than both zen mom and no-bag mom. Yes, this was me, though my diaper bag was wheel-less, it weighed as much as a crate of nectarines.

You have three bottles of Purell and a two-pack of antibacterial wipes -- A little germaphobia goes a long way. You fear the sand in playground sandboxes to the point you tell your child you are allergic to it. Yes, this was me and, yes, I told Kiddo that I was allergic to playground sand. Not my finest moment ... I guess my diaper bag contents make me wonkadooier than all of you.

What do you have in your diaper bag?


Image via janineomg/Flickr

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