Month-By-Month Baby Pics: Cutest Idea Ever!

Sophie 6If I had it to do all over again … well, that list is too long to even contemplate. But man, I wish I had though of taking pics of both my little ones next to the same object as they grew. Because of all the corny parent moves, this is the one that makes me stop and take notice every time – and kvell, and cluck, and spin my ovaries with joy.

It’s the nature of 21st-century parenting that we never meet many of our parent friends, because we know them online, and really only see them through the pictures of their kids. That’s the case with my friends Tara and Mike, whose daughter Sophie is just a bit younger than my Abby, and who fills me with delight as I see her grow bigger than the horse her grandma gave her:


Sophie 1

Sophie 2

Sophie 3

Sophie 4

Sophie 5

Gorgeous, right? Plus the amazing quilts, right?

It’s hard to put a finger on why this tradition is so wonderful – of course it’s fun to watch the baby develop, but looking back at this series when Sophie is a coltish kid will be amazing. Her parents will probably say things like “She still makes that face!” and “She was so herself even then!” She can continue taking yearly pictures with the horse, which will surely go to college with her (Toy Story 3 or no Toy Story 3). The possibilities are endless and lovely.

I think that for kids, it’s also fun to see the many ways they were cherished when they were tiny. There are ninety kabillion black-and-white photos of me in every conceivable pose as a newborn, and when I look at them, I don’t just see myself – I see my dad, at age 30, amazed and bowled over by this wrinkly, squiggly little creature looking back at him with his mother’s eyes. I think it helped, however unconsciously, when I was a surly teen convinced I was both unloved and unlovable, to be able to see those pics and think, “you’re full of crap, mini-Morrissey.”

Kids will roll their eyes at the corniness of this kind of pic, but deep down you know they’ll love it.

I haven’t missed the boat entirely. I did start a tradition of snapping pics of Penelope every few months on a big brass tortoise at our local science museum – and we recently added Abby into the bunch. You can see even more creative ways to document your baby's first year here as well.

Do you take monthly pics of your baby to chart his or her growth? Is it the cutest ever?

Images via Mike Knell/Flickr

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