Most Baby Products Are Toxic to Your Kids

toxic baby productsBasically, since Day 1 of The Stir ever existing, we've been writing stories about toxins and our kids. We've traced the whole demise of BPA (can I get a whoop whoop?), and now, almost every plastic kid product is BPA-free ... but we all know that doesn't mean chemical-free. We've given you hints on how to decrease the amount of toxins in your home (shoes off at the door, Junior!) and helped everyone become more aware of the places toxins can hide.

But, sadly, despite all of the studies out there, no matter how vigilant all of us have become about protecting our kids from toxic products, we are screwed. Why? A new reports says 80 percent of all baby products have levels of toxic or untested chemicals in them, mainly the kind that are used to make sure the items are flame retardant. Eighty percent, people. How are we supposed to wade through all of this?


The study found that baby stuff like car seats, portable cribs, changing pads, and nursing pillows had toxic chemicals in them, some that were banned in kids' pajamas because of cancer concerns more than 30 years ago. Dang, that just isn't good. Our kiddos already have a higher amount of chemicals in their little bodies because, well, they are little and they are on the floor a lot, picking up, unknowingly, the harmful toxins.

Now, some of the products tested were older, from 2002, and many industry groups are calling for more studies to be done, testing products on shelves now. And we can't disagree with the important benefit flame retardants play in fire safety.

So, they tested old products. Okkkkaaay ... um, why? Why aren't they testing stuff I bought yesterday from Toys"R"Us ... and what do we need to do to finally make headway with this problem? Why is this still an issue, when there is a proven, serious threat to our children's health? I know it's complicated, all of the regulations and trying to make products that are safe and conform to standards ... but I thought a lot of these items were in the "OK to use" column of my baby gear list. How can any mom know if the Pack 'n Play she's buying is safe for Junior?

The fact is we don't know if it's safe. We can do our best research, but we really don't know 100 percent. Which is why we still need to write about these things, until there are more studies, more tests, more discussions to make sure where Kiddo sleeps, sits, and eats is safe.

Are you concerned about the toxic chemicals in your baby gear?


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