11 T-Shirts to Boast Your Breastfeeding Status


milk jugs t-shirtI know people love to accuse breastfeeders of being crazy-obsessed, but when you have to bust your butt to accomplish something that, while recommended as the best by every known medical source out there, yet is still really tough and uncommon, you frankly are going to be pretty proud of yourself (and should be!). Add in having to fight for the right to even serve a milky dinner to your baby while eating dinner with your family, and it's no surprise that a lot of women who persevere become passionate about the issue.

And that's where fun breastfeeding support shirts for mom come in. Whether cute, weird, or even a little awkward, there's something for everyone (even if you're just looking to laugh). Like this Milk Jugs T-shirt ($26.95) from Zazzle? Want more choices? I've got some ....


Busting the myth that nursing ruins ones' breasts, the Breastfeeding Advocacy Jr. Raglan ($24.99) from CafePress celebrates the full, almost porn-star boobs a lot of lactating ladies enjoy!

Love the message -- "The miracle isn't the bra" -- on this tank from Miracle Tank ($30) from Best for Babes Foundation.

I love the cute play on diner ads on this Breastfeeding T-shirt ($22) from CafePress. "Grade A Milk on Tap"!

Want something a little funkier? Check out the tattoo-inspired Mother's Milk Eco Black tee ($30) from HotMamaInk.

Texas moms took the law into their own hands by having it printed on an AustinMama's Right to Feed T-shirt ($25). Awesome!

This Weapons of Mass Production tee ($24.99) just makes me giggle.

For the pumping moms out there, the Express Yourself ($25) tee is perfect!

Short and simple, all a baby needs -- Peace Love Breastfeeding ($28)

For the religious ladies out there, the Jesus was Breastfed tee is just the thing ($20.45).

While this Too Lazy to Bottlefeed T-shirt ($25) might induce eyerolls from some, frankly, it's one of my reasons!

Would you wear any of these? 

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Jaimie Leader-Goodale

Love the shirts!!! (but like everything else BF'ing related, they all seem SO expensive! <sigh>)


Michael Dawn Thies

I love 'em!  And as a real foods/raw milk enthusiast, I'd alter the first tee with the milk "jugs" to read "Raw Milk" lol

Ginaw... Ginawith5kids

Love them! I am finished bf'ing my 5 kids, but I would still love to support other moms!

Kimberly Watt

These are great, but I find it ironic that none of them are actually BFing t-shirts. They would be a little difficult to wear while ACTUALLY BFing ....

Alicia Greder Roberts

What about this one- http://www.cafepress.com/theapshop.106852127

Aslen Aslen

I like the "Too Lazy To Bottlefeed." one. Pretty much summed it up for me!


MissMeg MissMeg

Kimberly! So true!! But man they're cute :p


Ilove... Ilove3boys

My faves are "Eat at Moms", "Peace, Love, Breastfeeding" and "Jesus was Breastfed". Though I'm not Christian I probably am most drawn to that shirt. Sadly (and I hate to generalize) but I've met the worst "Christians" judging me when it comes to breastfeeding so I would like that shirt because it makes others think twice about how humans have made it so long thusfar. Formula is relatively new. 

Laura McPheeters

I loooove these t-shirts! Most of them I would be waaaay too embarrassed to wear though, because my breasts are HUMONGOUS and already, I feel, like nature's own joke about breastfeeding. (I'm 5'3'', 130 lbs, and have DDD's.) I don't need a shirt to highlight that!

I WOULD, however, totally sport the "right to breastfeed" shirt, as it speaks to my inner-activist, the "express yourself" shirt, which speaks to my inner-madonna, and the three shirts after that just because I like them! 

TooMa... TooManyOwls

'Too Lazy to Bottlefeed' ... That would have been me, back in my BF days. But also too cheap to buy a shirt to announce it. LOL

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