Big Creativity in a Small Nursery

This sweet nursery Belinda created for her baby daughter Imogen proves that it doesn't matter how much space you have when it comes to creating a chic look. Imogen's cozy nook is actually just a small corner of the master bedroom because Belinda, like many moms, wanted her baby close by for the first few months.

While it's lacking size, it certainly doesn't lack style -- I'm coveting that gorgeous cradle! See closer shots of all the charming details below. 


I love how Belinda added hints of nature with her homemade driftwood shelf and hanger. The piece of washi tape holding up the name sign is genius -- it makes the whole display feel a little rough around the edges and more authentic.

She says that she started out with a simple gray and white palette, but when she found out it was a girl, there was no escaping the pink. The pink adds girl but the gray keeps it modern.

Belinda also crafted this sweet tissue paper flower garland and shared instructions on her blog.

The corner is made complete with a classic rocking chair.

Baby Imogen is so lucky to have such an adorable space for her and her family to cozy up in. And Belinda's own comfy bed will be waiting -- just steps away -- after midnight feedings.

What about you? Did you create a space for your newborn in your bedroom? Or did you keep the baby's space separate?

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