Denim Diapers Return! This Time for a Cause (VIDEO)

huggies jeans diapersDiapers unite us all. Whether they're cloth or disposable, we all have to get 'em on our kiddos' tushies. We have to change the dirty, put on the clean, buy them. Everyone has their favorite diaper, a favorite brand, what seems to work the best for your baby's boo-tay. I thought I had seen it all when it came to diapers, but then I saw Huggies Jeans Diapers.

Huh? I didn't realize they were on the shelves last year -- how did I miss them? Denim and diapers ... an odd duo, perhaps, but so much better and waaaayyy cuter than jeggings. They aren't made of denim, but these hip-to-be-pooped-in diapers look like jeans, have a little backpocket motif ... I mean, they are so cute, if my kid still wore diapers, I'd buy some just to take some pictures of her in them.

Bonus: if you do buy them this year, you'll be doing something good for a baby you don't even know!


Every time someone purchases a pack of Huggies Jeans Diaper (or the new Huggies Jeans Wipes), Huggies will help diaper a baby in need. Not only that, say you do buy some and snap some hilarious pics of Junior in his jeans diapers -- if you go to and upload it, they will donate another diaper to their "Every Little Bottom" program. And if you get Grandma to go on her iPad and "Like" your photo, that's another diaper for a baby who needs one.

Pretty cool program, right? Now, I know these aren't for everyone. Some of you may have seen them in action and think they are kinda weird, but c'mon, check out this little dude in the commercial.

I would buy these, especially since it would be for a good cause. May not be your cup o' tea, but different strokes for different folks, I say. If you are into them, remember they are limited-editions, my friends ... they're only available through July ... and who knows if they'll be back again next year.

Will you buy the Huggies Jeans Diapers?


Image via YouTube

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