Why Is an 8-Month-Old Getting a TSA Pat-Down? (VIDEO)

baby pat-downAfter seeing the pic of an 8-month-old getting frisked by TSA agents at the Kansas City airport, I wouldn't be surprised if in utero pat-downs are next. A fellow passenger (and dad of a baby around the same age as the apparent threat-to-security infant) snapped the photo and posted it on Twitter, where it's been viewed by literally hundreds of thousands of people, most of whom are ticked off at the TSA (to put it mildly). Am I one of them? Yes. Oh, yes. But there is something about this pic that makes me feel a little bit better: The TSA agents, baby, and mom all look happy.


Look, whenever I hear about kids or breastfeeding moms getting burned by some "mandatory" TSA procedure, I get the urge to stage a sit-in at JFK where we'd all hold signs printed with slogans like "Down With the Man!" and "Fight the Power!" and sing "Give Peace a Chance." Nothing makes my blood boil like power-tripping "authority" figures. At the same time, I know that there are probably plenty of people employed by the TSA who think the policies they're paid to enforce are pointless and lame, or who at the very least want to make these procedures as easy on the public as possible. That's what I have to assume of the TSA agents pictured patting down the 8-month-old in Kansas City: You can tell they're all, "Awww, who's this little cutie? Show me how you fly like an airplane! Wheee!" So naturally the baby is chilled out and the mom is "cooperating," like a good drone citizen.

So while senseless, dehumanizing protocol makes me furious, I think that the individuals who, for better or worse, are required to push that agenda do have the option of not being complete meanies, for lack of a better expletive, in the process. There's a big difference between "Okay sweetie, I'm just going to send your teddy bear through the magic X-ray tunnel one more time" and "Hand over the bear. Now."

Do you think the TSA could make pat-downs more tolerable? What do you think of a baby getting a pat-down?

Image via YouTube

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