Hilarious 'In tha Muthahood' Rap Is a Must-See (VIDEO)

Motherhood can be quite the experience that not only pits moms against each other, but also can make them bond and laugh and cry over things that no one else gets. Whether it's toothpaste all over the walls or lack of sleep that ends up making you go out wearing mismatched shoes, no matter how you parent, there are things we can relate to. And if you want to survive, you've got to be able to find the humor in it.

Anita Renfroe, hilarious comedian and fellow mom, created a song just for moms ... you gotta be tough to survive "In tha Muthahood." Check it out:


I love the line about knowing where things are before they even ask (applies to my husband too!). And I laughed at the apple core on the butt, though my experiences have been a little more messy.

The dancing babies are slightly creepy, though.

Renfroe says she prefers people laugh because they can relate, rather than just enjoying a witty punchline, and I think she definitely accomplished that.

Can you relate? What's your favorite line?


Image via YouTube

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