Does This Make You Change Your Mind About Circumcision?

circumcision deathI feel bad even writing that headline, because I know what will follow: admonishments to the family of this 2-year-old who have already suffered the greatest loss they could ever imagine. A Queens boy who died after a circumcision may not have died because of the circumcision, but it's likely that he would still be alive if his parents had not opted for the procedure. 

However, the cause of death is still not known, so let's not jump all over this grieving family who, for reasons we don't know or understand, decided to circumcise their 2-year-old son.


I hate having to re-address the circumcision issue two years after the birth of my own son. It's basically a war between those who think it's mutilation and those who feel it has health benefits or religious significance. Anyone in the middle, or rather anyone not rabid (because, well, what is the middle, exactly?) is lost in the shuffle.

The fact is, this boy was possibly given the wrong analgesic. It was to be a local, but wound up being a general. Even then, he woke up after the procedure and smiled and asked for his mother. What happened next is unexplainable -- for now. The boy went critical and was pronounced dead later that evening. The initial autopsy is inconclusive, and more tests will be run to find out what went horribly wrong.

While I sincerely hope people don't blame the parents, I am reminded that there is not a good enough reason for circumcision if death is a possibility. Most of the time, no, this is not a reality. In this case, that's what happened. But it's more of a freak accident than a point won in the circumcision debate. There are no winners in this story.

Does this horrible story influence your decisions about circumcision?

Image via antmoose/Flickr

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