Alicia Silverstone Gives Son Worst Baby Name Ever

Alicia Silverstone had her first official Mother's Day last Sunday after giving birth to her son last Thursday. This is the first child for Silverstone and her husband, musician Chris Jarecki. The couple is said to be thrilled with their son, but if only they had used that happy enthusiasm in naming him.

The baby's name is Bear Blu. Yes, you read that right. Bear Blu. I love Alicia Silverstone. I think she is talented and devoted to her animal rights causes, and I think she will make an amazing mother. But Bear Blu? Really?

Silverstone revealed her pregnancy back in January and, of course, we were all thrilled for her, but even then she was doing things a little differently. She was going to be a vegan preggo, which I would assume she continued with, but then this name ...


Typically I'm not one to mock celebrity kid names. When everyone else was saying Suri was the worst name they ever heard, I applauded Tom and Katie. I love it! And Shiloh? Also adorable.

But Bear is a terrible name. And I say this as someone who actually refers to her son as Bear, or Ani-Bear to be exact. When my son was born, my daughter called him Ani (his name is Alan) and the nickname stuck. Then he earned the nickname Bear after he wore a bear suit for his entire first winter. Now he is known as Ani-Bear, Bear-Bear, or sometimes just The Bear. But that isn't his REAL NAME.

Yes, it's adorable for a baby to have a cutesy name and maybe even carry it into his preschool years, but little Bear Blu Jarecki is going to be Bear Blu his whole life. He will be 30 at a dinner party, being introduced as Bear Blu. I feel like they didn't think this out fully. Maybe she was still high off the hormones of her natural birth?

Either way, congrats to the happy couple. Being a new mom is the best feeling in the world and, hey, I'm sure someone else will think Bear Blu is a great name. And even if they don't, I'm sure that child will be more than good looking enough to handle it.

Do you like the name Bear Blu?

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