Top Baby Names Show We Need to Turn Off the TV

top baby names for 2010
Hi there, I'm #297
It's time! The 2010 top baby names have been released via the Social Security Administration! It's always so much fun to peruse the newest top names and see what trends keep dropping (sorry, Emily). Yes, we still have some traditional favorites in the tops: Michael and Emma come in at #3 on the boy and girl list. As well as a smattering of old-school names making a comeback -- Ruth, anyone?

But the biggest trend you can see in 2010 is actually the continuation of the trend of naming your baby after teen heartthrobs. And a new, disturbing one of naming your baby after teen mistakes.

Here's the top 20:


top baby names for 2010I know Jacob and Isabella are perfectly lovely names. But just "Bella" is showing up at number 48, Tyler is 34, even Cullen is showing up at 413. Before you go down this route, consider that your kids will be saddled with the Twilight connection long after you have to sheepishly acknowledge that you named your child after a werewolf or vampire. As a girl who was named after a Dallas Cowboy cheerleader -- trust me, your kids don't want to live with that. 

Additionally, Mason is popping up in the top 20 thanks to the whole Kardashian reality show infiltration of America. As if those ladies need more attention. Miley and Carly come in at 217 and 218, respectively, making Disney shows a smidgen more popular than Nickelodeon. Maddox (180) and Knox (457) show that the Jolie-Pitt kids can still command a baby-naming audience.

Most concerning? The rise of Maci (232) and Bentley (101) in popularity. No one should be inspired enough to name their baby from the train wreck that is Teen Mom. NO ONE.

Other annoying name trends include the misspelling of names actually becoming so popular, they make the list. (See Jaxon, Zoey.) And Levi. I hope it's not in honor of Mr. Johnston/Palin, but god knows it probably is. We certainly know who to credit with the rise of Piper in the 2010 rankings.

All of this is to say, if you're using entertainment to name your kids, it might be time to put down the remote.

Where is your child's name on this list?

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