Is the 'Baby Bullet' Ad Preying on Sleep Deprived Moms?

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Anxious about making your own baby food? (I know I was, back when my two kids were first making that giant leap into solid food territory.) Well, the next time your little one wakes you up in the middle of the night, use those paid programming hours to put your mind at ease by watching the Baby Bullet baby food processor infomercial.

It won't teach you anything about how to puree butternut squash, but I guarantee it'll make you laugh so hard you'll forget what you were so stressed about in the first place. (Note: This is a REAL infomercial, not a parody!)


Look, the actual product itself -- a fairly efficient-seeming system of blenders with happy faces on them (which totally remind me of the creepy Kool-Aid pitcher guy) and BPA-free containers -- seems perfectly fine. But the Baby Bullet's potential usefulness is completely eclipsed by the informercial's absurd premise: Lindsay, a pathologically enthusiastic blonde, is hosting a baby shower for her sister. A motley crew of guests has assembled in Lindsay's kitchen, including Grandma the Rowdy Drunk, Al the Henpecked Husband, a handful of Lobotomized Ladies and a Random Deliveryman. The first time I saw this train wreck of a promo, it was one of those nights when I stayed up late working on my laptop and fell asleep with the TV on. When I woke up to find that Jimmy Fallon had been replaced onscreen by some hyper chick smashing bananas alongside a booze-swilling old broad and a shady-looking delivery guy, I assumed I'd rolled over on the remote and unwittingly switched the channel to Cinemax. This is the most pathetic soft-core I've ever seen, I thought, before I realized I was watching a paid advertisement.

My next thought was, to echo an old Seinfeld line, "Who are the ad wizards who came up with that one?" But then it occurred to me ... maybe the Baby Bullet company was actually going for extreme camp with their commercial, knowing that sleep-deprived moms awake at 3 a.m. need a hefty dose of humor with their how-to. In which case, those ad wizards really are ad wizards.

Do you think the Baby Bullet infomercial is meant to be ridiculous?


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