Nikki Cox & Jay Mohr Welcome Baby Boy With Girl Name

Nikki CoxNikki Cox and Jay Mohr will now always have a reason to celebrate Cinco de Mayo, as they welcomed their son this week on May 5. Their bundle of joy weighed in at 6 lbs. 7 oz., and the two couldn't be happier ... even if it doesn't show on Nikki's overly botoxed face.

They told People, "We are over the moon, filled with joy and every other cliché new parents use. He's perfect." It's the first child for Cox, while Mohr has an 8-year-old son from a previous relationship.

All fab news for the family, but the name they gave the kid may not be so great for him on the school playground. They named him ...


Meredith. Meredith Daniel Mohr.

Meredith is a lovely name, and I considered it for my daughter. But it's so overwhelmingly feminine I can't help but feel sorry for this boy already and the teasing that's sure to come. Mary for short?

I know "gender-bending" names are popular (though hated by many), but it seems easier on the kid when the bending goes from male to female than visa versa. It doesn't mean it's right, but when you're getting teased mercilessly, I don't know if you care as a kid.

While it seems a bit odd for a boy, it is traditionally a male name ... it just hasn't been used as such much in the past century. It's Welsh in origin and means "great, noted ruler." They chose the name not for any "Boy Named Sue" make-him-tough potential, but after Nikki's late father who was named Meredith. So the meaning is sweet, and as he is a Hollywood kid, no one may even blink at a boy named Meredith when little Apples and Blankets are running around.

What do you think of Meredith as a boy's name?

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