Breastfeeding Moms Number One Problem Solved?

Any breastfeeding mom knows that wasting even the smallest drop of breast milk can result in a flood of tears (ours, not the baby's). Yes, we breastfeeding moms are quite accustomed to crying over spilled milk. There is no shame in that!

Whether you're pumping or nursing, every ounce is precious. Still, in the first few months of nursing, most of us have come to accept that with letdown comes some leakage on the other side. The milk that comes out of the other breast is usually either the reason we have embarrassing wet spots on our shirt or the reason we have to throw out our milk pad (or wash our LilyPadz).

Now, there is a new product on the market -- The Milkies Milk Saver -- that collects the leaked breast milk and allows moms to store it for later use. But is it too good to be true?


The product works discreetly and can be slipped into the bra without being detected. When the nursing mom leaks, the milk is stored in its reservoir rather than wasted into a pad or into the bra. The concept is amazing.

Creator Helen Anderson who invented the product along with her mother Renee claims that some moms store an extra 3-5 ounces of milk per day from using this. They also say it's discreet enough to wear without detection. 

As a nursing mom who nursed my first for a year and my second for 2.5 years, I can honestly say that this wasn't a huge problem for me after about month 4. And even when I did leak, the amount seemed pretty minuscule. In fact, after month 4, my breasts basically stopped leaking altogether, especially the second time around. But in those early months and for women whose experiences are different, this product could be a lifesaver.

The stored milk can be mixed into a bottle or into the baby's cereal or used for just about anything. The point is, it isn't wasted and that should make breastfeeding moms (and their babies) smile with relief.

If I were still nursing, I would try this in a second. It costs $27.95 for one and $46.95 for a pack of two. Personally, if I were trying it, I would go for the two-pack because leaking is a pretty constant problem, so if you wore them all day, you would probably have a pretty decent collection after a while.

Of course, they say it's discreet and I do question that. At any given time, most breastfeeding moms already feel a little like a leaky faucet and that feeling is pretty slimy and gross even without carrying tiny bags of milk at all times in our bras. Of course, we have been doing that anyway. It's just before, we were wasting it.

Do you feel this product is needed?


Image via MyMilkies

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