The Mother's Day Gifts I Thought I Wanted

chocolate chip cookieI was talking to my husband earlier in the week about what I wanted for Mother's Day. He asked. Sort of. But yes, I was that person, making demands about the gifts he should bestow me with for all the hard work it takes to be me, a mom of now 17-month-old twins. I was in mid-sentence, saying something that probably sounded like me me me me me when I realized I was being a fool (a fool who just the day before went on a pricey H&M shopping spree -- they have Swedish Hasbeens for $60!). So I told him, you know what? I just want some pretty flowers and maybe you can bake me some chocolate chip cookies. Hubs said, I would have done that anyway. Oh swoon!

So then I told him about all the gifts I thought I wanted for Mother's Day ....


A vacation at the beach. How fantastic would it be to be sitting here? I can smell the coconuts and feel the sand between my toes just from looking at the photo.


Or maybe-- a mountainous escape. Imagine waking up to this, sipping coffee and rocking as you breathe in the slightly wet air from the mist on the trees. Deep breath in, slow breath out ....

rocking chair on porch

Oooh! Or a decadent spa treatment that magically rubs away all my stresses. Ahhhhhh.


How about a fancy ring ... vintage perhaps and worth the splurge because it's something I can pass down to our daughter someday. Oh how pretty.

diamond ring

Or maybe I just want to have another baby? Or just partake in the act it takes to make a baby. Oh baby.


Or just to be able to sleep in. Zzzzzzzzz.


But then I'd miss time with my kids -- except maybe the having another baby part but in a way that would, too. Spending time with my littles is what being a mother is all about. So it's my day yes, but all I want to do is spend it being the me who is blessed enough to be celebrated on Mother's Day. A mom. A mom, who still wouldn't mind some pretty flowers and homemade chocolate chip cookies.

This year beats the sad mess of emotion I was last year on Mother's Day, which makes me realize that each year it will just get better and better. Happy Mother's Day!

The best gifts I could ever get!
Do you ever feel as sappy as I do? How are you spending your mother's day?

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