The Worst Baby Things to Spend Your Money On

baby headbandYou register for lots of things when you are preggers. You're nesting, you're swayed by all of the ohsocute hooded towels, strollers that have their own GPS systems, and all of those dang stuffed animals. And then, there's the clothing. Onesies that zip, button, or snap. Groovy baby jeans. Those smaller-than-you-ever-thought-they-could-be socks.

But be warned -- especially you mothers-to-be of girls! There are three main things you will be swayed to buy that you should not. Really. Trust me.


First, the cute baby shoes. Why? They are just a waste of money. Socks are cheaper and all your baby needs. She's not walking (yet). She's mainly being carried around, Bjorned, toted in a carrier. Why does she need $48 shoes?

Second, the really fancy baby dress. You will be tempted to buy many of them. Don't. You need only one (and maybe not even that). Why? Because they are expensive, they are not comfortable, and your daughter will wear it for approximately 38 minutes for pictures. Any mom will tell you, for about the first six months, your baby will live in those sleepers, those onesies. If your kiddo will be born in the summer, think little shirts and shorts. That's it. And don't think that will change as she gets older, either, because once she's crawling, those knees get caught on the hem of any dress and the princess, who just realized that she can move on her own, will not be pleased if her wardrobe is limiting this new-found freedom.

The third thing you should not waste your money on: those baby headbands. Sigh. I know many of you like them because I see them all of the time on babies. I admit they are not my cup of tea, and many moms who do like them have told me it's so others know your baby is a girl. C'mon, is it so hard to just tell people what her name is, to say, "This is my daughter Bella!"? Please realize when you're putting that headband with the bow/flower/butterfly on it, you aren't telling the world that she is a girl ... you're telling the world your 11-week-old daughter needs accessorizing, which, she doesn't, does she? You and I both know she is beyond beautiful -- without any sort of gender-indicating swath of fabric with an asteroid-like poof on her head. 

What is your pet peeve "baby fashion don't"?


Image via Audrey Elizabeth/Flickr

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