Would You Pay More for Your Favorite Diapers?

baby in diaperI’ll admit it: I pony up for gourmet diapers for two reasons: one, I think the way they are made is slightly easier on the environment, because they aren’t bleached (though they still use gel, which is terrible, so who am I kidding?). And two, I tried a few other brands and these were the ones that didn’t leak. Seriously, skipping the café-terrace poop-blowouts is a huge step toward saving my own sanity, and isn’t that an important part of parenting -- not losing my marbles?!

Now, there’s news that the price of Pampers and Huggies is about to go up because of soaring costs for its manufacturer. But even budget-conscious parents say they’ll stick with their pricier brand because it works best for their babies.

I get it, within reason.


On the one hand, like I said, I do spring for more expensive diapers because I think I'm having an environmental impact. I mitigate it by buying on the Amazon Subscribe and Save program, by the way -- they give me 30 percent off because I have an automatic shipment sent every month (and they always give me plenty of time to cancel if I don't need the diapers, wipes, and baby food I have on order with them).

On the other hand, just this past weekend I was at a street fair and I approached a kiosk for a compostable disposable diaper service, hoping they'd be the answer to my guilty prayers. First, I had to wait while the super-hot-chick in charge of the kiosk gave tons and tons of information to the single guy pretending to be into diapers so he could talk to her (did she not notice he wasn't wearing a wedding ring, didn't look tired in the least, and kept looking at her boobs in a way that didn't indicate an interest in lactation?!). When I finally got her attention, I asked for the bottom-line monthly cost: Ninety bucks for my 9-month-old, somewhat less for the toddler. Sticker shock! Screw you, environment! 

Okay, now I feel horrible and Al Gore hates me, but there's a big difference between $29 a month and $90. So I could pay less, but I really can't pay that much more. It's the deal I strike between my preferences, my conscience, and my bank account. Do you strike a similar deal?

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Image via Narith5/Flickr

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