Adorable Video Has Scary Undertones (VIDEO)

At first glance, this adorable YouTube video seems totally benign, right? This dog is jumping up and up and up but he can't quite get onto the bed to see his newborn "sibling."

Dogs and kids videos are always big hits on YouTube and it's no wonder. After all, what could possibly be cuter than a fluffy little puppy and a precious little baby? Not much.

Of course, dogs and babies don't always mix. Far be it from me to be the rain on the parade gal, but what happens when this dog reaches the baby? See for yourself:


Cute, right? The problem is that no matter how well you know your dog, not all dogs can be trusted around all kids. And the results of that misguided trust can be devastating.

OK, so this dog isn't a Rottweiler or a Pit Bull. But even a fluffy little frou-frou dog is capable of hurting a newborn. Don't believe it? Even very small dogs have killed babies.

So watch the video and laugh. It's darn cute and I'm sure this dog is great. Lord knows I have a dog and a cat and two toddlers, and my children have been just fine. But I don't trust my dog a bit. They weren't alone together until my kids were bigger than him (he is a Chihuahua).

Keep those babies and dogs safely apart!

How do you handle babies and dogs?


Image via YouTube

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