The Great Cloth Diaper Change Sets World Record

Cloth Diaper OffBabies are always breaking things! My necklace, my perineum -- a Guinness World Record?

It was a genius idea for a great way to celebrate Earth Day on April 23: The Great Cloth Diaper Change was the brain-child of Judy Aagard, whose family has run the Tiny Tots diaper service since 1966. The idea was to host an event where parents would change their kids’ earth-friendly nappies simultaneously, around the world. It's like Hands Across America, only with baby butts.


According to Tiny Tots, the grand total is 6,511 babies changed at the same time, and that’s with just over half of the 400 participating locations reporting back. (It'll all still have to be verified, but according to projections, they're right up there with Robert Wadlow and that lady with the creepy fingernails.)

People even got up in the middle of the night to be part of the great tushie-transformation -- in far-flung places like Australia, Malaysia, and Brazil (where they wear tiny thong diapers, right?).

The event did more than raise awareness that cloth diapers are do-able -- it raised funds for the Real Diaper Association, a nonprofit that helps families get set up with cloth diapers.

All in all, it was both the greenest and the brownest Earth Day event we’d heard of!

What do you think of all those cloth diapers being changed at one time?

Photo courtesy of The Great Cloth Diaper Exchange

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