Dad Who Sacrificed Life For Baby Makes Us Smile

babyIt was a story that took the world by storm. A man sacrificed his life for his pregnant wife. When it happened last year, I cried my way through a post here on The Stir about the car accident, recalling the moment my own husband announced he "felt like a dad" and how this man, Brian Wood, this Dad, gave up so much. Even know it makes me tear up just thinking about it.

But today isn't a time for tears. Because today I caught a glimpse of the happy ending to a story that seems impossible to turn positive. Sierra Grace Wood was born last October, but photos of her surfaced on the Internet just this week.


It was more or less the way the story was supposed to play out. Brian Wood gave his life in a horrible car accident, steering the car so he'd take the brunt of the impact and wife Erin (and baby Sierra, who he'd already named) would be unharmed. After the accident, doctors told Erin she'd be OK for delivery -- physically of course, not necessarily emotionally.

But there's something about actually looking at the pictures of little Sierra today that bouyed my spirits. That made everything seem just a little bit better. It's funny the different reaction we have. When we hear a dad died, we cry. But when we see a baby, even with the knowledge that she's growing up without her dad, we can't help but smile. Babies are good for the soul, good for the community, good for the world.

Let me back up. Lest this be misunderstood, this is not a knock on those who aren't having babies. I understand people who decide parenting isn't for them. Different strokes and all that. In fact, my biggest beef is when a child-free person is referred to as childless -- there's nothing "less" about them. What I don't understand is the person who can look at a baby and not find it in their heart to grin -- at least on the inside.

Call me an emotional basketcase. Call me a corny old lady. But babies are a clean slate. For mom, they are hard work and emotional exhaustion rolled up with utter joy. But for the outsider, they are simply happiness with 10 toes and 10 fingers. They are hope, unicorns and rainbows in a onesie. Looking at little Sierra Grace Wood, it's no wonder her dad made the ultimate sacrifice.

Now how about honoring that with a smile today? We could all use more of those in this world too.


Image via bradbrundage/Flickr

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