Miranda Kerr Strikes Again: BWG (Breastfeeding While Gorgeous)

Miranda Kerr breastfeedingIn the heady days after Miranda Kerr had her son Flynn with hotsy-totsy Orlando Bloom, the Victoria's Secret model made headlines when she blogged an absolutely gorgeous photo of her breastfeeding her newborn, wrapped in a gorgeous robe and smiling sweetly at the camera.

Of course there were people who crapped on her, which is baffling to me. The whole you-must-hide-while-breastfeeding thing just does not compute. Hey, I don’t particularly like to see old people eat, should they have to sit in a bathroom stall to do so? (Answer: no, I deal with my weirdness rather than imposing it on others.)

Rant over. Anyway, she’s done it again! 


Posted on Twitter on April 28, the photo shows Kerr presumably in the makeup chair of a photo shoot, giving Flynn a little num-nummery before she heads out before the camera. I don’t know how many times I’ve thanked my daughters, Abby and Penny, for giving me a great excuse for a work break -- I mean, the cigarette alley out behind the office never gave me a mind-bending dose of oxytocin, and it often smelled like pee. (Well, that’s often true of the baby, too, truth be told -- but at least it’s fresh.)

Flynn’s about 6 months old now, and he looks like he’s already doing that “punch mommy 'tll I get ALL THE MILKS” move that both my girls enjoyed so much. His little toes just kill me! Ya know, you really have to love a woman so comfortable in her own skin, so playful with her public image, and so willing to say “if you don’t like it, don’t look -- I’m having the time of my life.”

Loving you, Miranda Kerr! Nipple salute!

What do you think of Kerr’s backstage feeding frenzy? 

Image via Twitter 

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