Let's Name the 'Jersey Shore' Baby!

jersey shore baby nameWell you knew someone was going to get knocked up with all that smooshing on Jersey Shore. (Or is it 'smushing'? I can never remember.) Birth control isn't 100% effective, you guys! The only surprise here is that it didn't happen sooner, and to Ronnie.

Angelina "Trashbags" Pivarnick has announced that she's pregnant. In the grand tradition of celebrity pregnancy announcements, she has NOT announced a marriage, although there was a weird proposal from someone she just met. Quite frankly, the jury is out on who the father even is. Mike and Pauly D -- you might want to get a paternity test ready. Either way, it's not just a meatball sub in there, the girl is with child.

What with all of those weird celebrity names, and all of the new words added to the English language that have come straight from The Shore, let's brainstorm about some fab names for the little darling. Bonus points if you can combine everyone's nicknames into one cool package.

Here's what we have so far:

  • Guido (obvious, but good)
  • Juicehead Gorilla Maybelle
  • Nosmo King (that's what she'll see on the door outside the delivery room and probably be inspired)
  • Lil' Trashbag
  • The Shituation (at least until he's potty trained)
  • Nadagrenade
  • Gina Tinamarie Lacy
  • Santa Claus

Luckily, the perfect kids' book has also come out just in time for this mama. But I'm thinking Pivarnick is going to have to learn how to read first. Oh, no I didn't!

What's your favorite Jersey Shore name?


Image via MTV

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