Baby Hysterically Laughing at Bubble-Eating Dog (VIDEO)

baby dog bubblesI hate to jump on the cute baby viral video bandwagon (actually, I love it, I just don't like to admit to it), but the video of a 10-month-old baby cracking up at her bubble-eating dog so perfectly illustrates that pure, fleeting brand of joy unique to babies. Hearing the sweet belly laughs coming from that chubby little thing kind of made me want another one.

Wait, did I just say that out loud??


My babies are big, giant children now ... actually they're only 9 and 5 years old, but those days of first giggles and moments so ridiculously cute your cheeks start to hurt from smiling are gone. Enough time has passed that remembering what it was like in the baby trenches mostly evokes feelings of fond nostalgia, not the "thank god I'm not up all night nursing anymore" relief I used to get.

It's just that when babies are happy, they're so ... happy. Of course when they're sad, they're really, REALLY sad, and that part sucks. But it's so rare that, as adults -- or even as older children -- we experience completely undiluted emotions. It's not that I never feel happy, but my happy moments as an adult are more like Happy with a side of Dang, did I leave the laundry in the washing machine all night? You know what I'm talking about.

Do cute baby videos ever make you want to have another child?

Image via YouTube

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