Oklahoma Republicans Starve Babies

republicans starve babiesThis is one of those times that I really, really hate telling people I'm originally from Oklahoma. Whether it's stripping away women's abortion rights, trying to ban sharia law, or putting people to death with animal sedatives, it's been a tough year in defending my home state. And now, some Oklahoma Republicans have made me want to pretend I never heard, much less have memorized, "O-K-L-A-H-O-M-A!" Jerks. Way to make me not love my homeland anymore.

You see, some brainiacs in the state legislature think by hurting women and babies by not allowing them to participate in WIC, they can somehow tackle the abortion issue. Nope, it doesn't make any sense. Unless you're a backwater Republican who hates women and children.


The idea is to cut WIC funding via shutting down the Tulsa Planned Parenthood (and others) as an independent contractor that distributes nutrition and food vouchers to low-income families. This particular Planned Parenthood doesn't even perform abortions, but the man behind this is, like other Republicans on the national level, doing anything he can to shut down this vital health care system for women and infants.

I myself spent a summer in Tulsa and got my birth control there, as I was not insured and a very broke student. It's as benign as it gets. In going after this particular Planned Parenthood, they are attacking affordable health care and preventative care, which would ultimately save taxpayer dollars. It has nothing to do with abortion and everything to do with health. Especially short-sighted is pulling the plug on WIC, which is essential in helping babies receive the nutrition they need.

This slash and burn move does nothing to help the anti-abortion cause and everything to harm the babies that are already here. Something many anti-choice advocates have in common. It seems once a baby is out of a woman's uterus, they really don't give a damn about saving that life.

What's next, Oklahoma? A law passed declaring all women be barefoot and pregnant?


Image via bbaunach/Flickr

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