Elton John Is a Breastfeeder!

elton john breastfeedingIt's true, if you have enough money and fame, you really can do anything; including breastfeeding your baby when you don't have the proper equipment. Elton John shows us again that you can break gender barriers by embracing breastfeeding for his 4-month-old son, Zachary. Of course, Zachary is getting it from the bottle, but the singer and his partner David Furnish told Barbara Walters that the surrogate mother has been pumping and shipping frozen breast milk via FedEx so baby Zachary can benefit from his mother's milk.

How amazing is it that a famous man is showing support for breastfeeding? It may not be NIP, but it's a start. Showing that it's preferable and worth so much that a major celebrity pays to have it FedEx'd to his baby is a pretty positive spotlight to put on breastfeeding.

Seriously, that is some modern parenting, and I LOVE it. 


John and his partner say the surrogate will remain a part of baby Zachary's life going forward, and she clearly is committed thus far. I can only imagine what other big moments in Zachary's life the surrogate will participate in as well. Let's peek into the future, shall we?

Top Surrogate Mom Jobs in Child Rearing

  • Being the "bad" parent when Elton says he can stay up past his bedtime
  • Having "The Talk"
  • Telling Zachary what happened to his goldfish
  • Carpool
  • Explaining what in the world his father was thinking in the 1980s

Dang, I wish I had had a surrogate for all those mom jobs!

What do you think about Elton's bf support?


Image via Splash News

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