'Good' Mom Abandons Baby at Florida Fire Station

safe haven lawFor whatever reason, there are women in this world who find themselves pregnant, and don't go through any of the available avenues to end the pregnancy or put the baby up for adoption and they end up abandoning the child. We hear stories of babies being found in trash cans, toilets, roadside ... and all are terrible acts of desperate women.

In Florida, another baby was abandoned, and I am pretty happy about it. I know, that sounds nuts, but here's why -- the mom did it RIGHT. If you are struggling so much and KNOW you can't care for a baby and have to get it out of your care, you do it like this woman. The baby, only an hour old but healthy, was wrapped in towels inside a bag placed outside a St. Lucie county fire station in Florida, with a note from the mother.


Please find her a good home. I'm sorry.
Thank you. Birth Mom.

Born April 21st, 2011. 7:15 am.

That note made me tear up when I read it. Short and simple, I know, but the fact is this was obviously a woman who cared about the baby's well-being and knew that no matter what she was going through that made her decide she couldn't be a mom even for another hour, she took the time to write out the note that showed she cared and put the baby girl somewhere where she would be safe and would find a good home.

For all the sad things people have to read and write about, or dictate on news broadcasts, having a story like this that actually ends well, where someone didn't ditch a baby in a trashcan to die, is almost refreshing. It's so much better than finding an abused, starved baby, and now there's not going to be a mother out there who will live with terrible guilt or end up spending her life in jail.

The Safe Haven law saves lives, and I'm so glad they exist. Wherever that birth mom is out there, she made the best choice she could, and her baby's life will be better for it.

What do you think? Do you agree with the Safe Haven law?


Image via CommandZed/Flickr

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